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Looking for different areas or market niches for your writing? Trying to break into writing but not ready to take on a huge project?  Why not check out some of the "orphans of the writing world" or the oft forgotten arenas of writing such as quizzes, lists, step-by-steps, book reviews, eulogies, and fillers. Sandra Miller-Louden, author of  Write Well & Sell: Greeting Cards, is back!  

This time, she is dishing up  A Few Choice Words: Short "Do-Able" Writing That Sells, to give her readers the inside scoop on these unique and overlooked areas of the writing profession.  

As usual, her manner is straight-forward and her style is fun-- just what   you need to venture through the pros and cons for each type of writing.  There are plenty of hands-on exercises to give you a taste of what you need to know!

A Few Choice Words: Short "Do-Able" Writing That Sells will help you to:

bulletExplore the possibility of unusual types of writing 
bulletLearn how to deal with editors
bulletMeet your deadlines
bulletTackle assignments with enthusiasm

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