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Here we are in the depths of summer. We've sent those Mother's Day cards in May, those Father's Day, Wedding and Graduation cards in June and now here's July stretching in front of us, with "occasions" like National Cow Appreciation Day (July 15th). August isn't much better, having such estimable celebrations as Watermelon Day (August 15th-is there something about the 15th that brings out the mental wobblies?) and Kiss & Make-Up Day (the 25th-Is that when you first pucker up and then apply foundation, rouge, lipstick and eye liner?). Grandparent's Day, Casimir Pulaski Day, Sweetest Day, National Boss Day (Remembering some of my old bosses, I'd prefer sending a greeting to my favorite Holstein), Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, Hanukkah and Kwanzaa seem eons away. Except for the individual birthdays, anniversaries or sporadic get wells, bon voyages or retirements, as far as sending greeting cards, we're as dry as the weather.

And that's where those ubiquitous, all-purpose, just because Friendship cards come to the rescue. Do I miss you? Do I chastise you for not having written in ages? Do I apologize for not writing to you? Am I thinking of you? Just dropping by to say 'hi?' Am I sending a word of encouragement to you or lamenting the rigors of parenthood we're both experiencing? What's new? What's up? What's happening? Do I wish you were here or I, there?

Any or all of these are perfect reasons to send a greeting card in the dry stretch between Spring Seasonals and those of the Fall. Who doesn't have someone in her life that an unexpected greeting card won't surprise, cheer up, bring a smile? Not only do Friendship cards come to the rescue during the summer months, there are other cards that fill the gap as well. Take a few minutes the next time you're in front of a greeting card rack, to see all the "unique" sending situations that cover most life situations. Loss of a job. New car. New home. Encouragement to stop smoking. Congratulations on quitting nicotine. Great job, Coach!

One assignment I have my online students tackle the very first class is to find "unique" card-sending occasions. Probably the #1 choice when they report their findings to me: Pet Sympathy. Now, anyone familiar with greeting cards at all knows that 15 years ago, the only sympathy card you received when your pet passed away, was from the vet. There simply weren't any such cards out there; in fact, pet owners were often made to feel odd for mourning their "critters." (To quote Ellie Mae Clampett). Thankfully, this stigma is gone and the simple greeting card-that acknowledgement that people love their pets and mourn their passing-addresses this emotion. When our neighbors recently lost their dog-a dog that was as much a part of our neighborhood as anyone else-sending a sympathy card seemed the most natural act in the world. I was grateful that I had many to choose from.

Just as summer seems a laid-back time to send cards, editors often report this is a laid-back time for them to receive freelance submissions. Summer activities call, the kids are home from school. Who wants to sit in front of a computer screen and write, much less submit work? The answer should be: YOU. If you're serious about writing-and selling-your work, you'll submit your work all year round, whether it's 32 or 92 outside. In fact, if you have to choose between the two, you'll choose the one where there is less competition and your work gets fuller editorial attention. Just as I emphasize that rejections shouldn't get you down, neither should a little outdoor heat.

Finally, in website news, we have a whole new Books & Stuff page for you. We've added some new products, updated the ordering information and in general, spruced up the entire page and made it easier to peruse. Pay Pal's coming, as is the Deluxe Package. Keep in mind Melanie and I are two people-this site is friendly and welcoming and has "personal touch" written all over it. That, most people tell me, far outweighs the delays.

We'll also soon have a new page listing where I teach online with links to the sites, for easy navigation. We'll be adding new features as well that I know you'll find exciting.

I love hearing from everyone who writes and Mel and I are thrilled by the fact that over 50 countries have accessed the site. Thanks for making the #1 site for pertinent greeting card writing information.




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