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Want to find a new or different showcase for your writing?  Would you like to make money from your writing RIGHT NOW? Looking to venture into the world of greeting cards but not sure where to turn?  Greeting card verse writing may be just the ticket for you!

Writers who are looking for a "potboiler" will find greeting card verses to be a great medium that keeps your creative juices steaming and is tons of fun to boot!

Write Well & Sell: Greeting Cards is the perfect primer to get you into the flow of verse and caption writing, as well as the rhythm of the greeting card industry!  

Write Well & Sell: Greeting Cards, provides you with down-to-earth advice from someone who knows what's going on in the world of greeting cards, has a proven track-record as a writer, and has been successfully teaching this material to others for years! You can also take comfort in the fact that Sandra can relate to your situation, because she has been there! 

Write Well & Sell: Greeting Cards  is not just a quick read with a few bites of useful info.  It's a resource that provides you with exercises that let you start to THINK like a greeting card writer, to begin to RECOGNIZE good hard copy, and JUMPSTART YOU with your ideas to get started! Sandra's book will teach what types of verses sell and will show you how to:

bulletWrite copy that will sell
bulletFind your own style
bulletFind the right markets or niches for your style
bulletCreate a repertoire of material for each season and special
bulletDevelop a system for keeping track of your

This book is a terrific value!!

Just return to the Ordering Info page to order!

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