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Sandra Miller-Louden’s most recent book, A Few, Choice Words: Short, Do-Able Writing That Sells (now in its expanded 2nd Edition), covers other unique writing genres, including quizzes, eulogies, book reviews, lists, step-by-steps, fillers, personal reminiscences—and of course, a brief chapter on greeting card writing.

Here are excerpts from this critically-praised book:


“As far as querying first or just taking a chance and submitting the quiz, I’ve done both.  This aspect of marketing your idea involves not only experience, but common sense as well.  If the publication you’re targeting already has a quiz, then naturally, the editor accepts quizzes...”


“Starting with one’s own family or close friends is one of the best ways to break into eulogy writing.  Even if you, yourself, are emotionally incapable of reading a family eulogy at the funeral, write it and have someone else read it for you....The most important point to remember is that a eulogy is a personal tribute, written in a warm, hopeful, uplifting voice.”

Book Reviews:

“...niche magazines review niche books.  If you subscribe to [a gardening magazine], there most likely is section on related gardening books in its pages... Often free parenting publications you find in the pediatrician’s office have a section devoted entirely to books that relate to child care; sometimes, they will also run reviews on children’s books.”


“Look at the cover of most mass media magazines.  “Five Easy Ways To Lose Weight Without Dieting,” “28 Ways To Make Life More Spiritual,” “60 Tips To Look Younger,”...all adorn one cover in front of me right now...We may not be up to reading entire paragraphs of a subject that is only of marginal interest, but we’ll generally take 45 seconds to scan a quick, easy-to-read list...”

Greeting Cards:

“As many of you know, greeting card writing is where I began my freelance career.  It is the quintessential “do-able” writing genre...Greeting card writing is one of the most “fun” ways of earning money by writing there is.”

Step by Steps:

“Organization in writing a step-by-step is a must.  One simple way to assess how adept you are in relating clear instructions is how well you give traffic directions...That approach is not as far removed as you might think when you begin writing your instructional article.”


“Have you noticed in many magazines or newspapers, that when an article ends 2/3 of the way down the final column, there is generally a small separation, then a short, pithy observation that “fills” the remainder of the column?  This is what’s known as a filler.”

Personal Reminiscences:

“In this genre, accentuating the negative certainly spins into a positive effect.  Company loves misery and nowhere do we love reading about comic “misery” more than in a first-person narrative...The tragedy might always exist, but the person who has experienced it, has also risen beyond and above it—and been made stronger because of it.”

(All Excerpts © Sandra Miller-Louden, 1998-2006.  ALL RIGHTS RESERVED).


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