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Sandra Miller-Louden, P.O. Box 485, Grantsville, MD  21536

***Please note:  This service is for individual, unrelated verses ONLY!  Sandra runs a different service for verses that are part of a coordinated line.  Check  first!*** 

What is verse critiquing and restoration?

Verse critiquing is a service provided for anyone who wants to write greeting cards. It also applies to any product that relies on words—both  serious or humorous—to help sell.  These products include Post-ItÔ Notes, mugs, napkins, bookmarks, plaques, T-shirts and key rings, to name a few.  Critiquing and restoring verses to their true potential enhances their chance to be sold and printed.

 Who conducts this verse critiquing?

This service is provided by Sandra Miller-Louden, greeting card writer since 1986.  Sandra’s greeting card work won the coveted Louie Award (the industry’s highest honor) in 1991 and was nominated again in 1992.  Her work appeared on Live!  With Regis And Kathie Lee; she has written verses for actress Stefanie Powers and quarterback Bernie Kosar. Sandra has been interviewed in many places, including The National Examiner, Clear Channel Communication’s Valentine In The Morning Show,, The Christian Science Monitor, International Radio’s Voice of America, The Washington Post, Glamour, Attaché, (U.S. Air), Talk Magazine, The Philadelphia Inquirer, KDKA-TV, WTAE-TV, Post-Gazette, Press, Tribune-Review (Pittsburgh), the BBC and NBC’s The John Walsh Show.   After developing a successful greeting card writing course which she taught at her local Community College, Sandra now also teaches online at as well as teaching an in-depth 8 week greeting card course and an abbreviated 4 week course directly through her. This critiquing service is an integral phase in the development of all facets of Sandra’s teaching.

 What are the particulars of this service?

Verses should be sent on 3x5” unlined, white index cards, one idea per card.  (Mock-ups and longer prose are critiqued differently; contact Sandra if you need this specialized critiquing).  In addition to the actual idea, each card should contain a code number (one of your own making, for ease in referencing during my critique), what occasion is being written for and the name/address/phone # of the sender on one side only.  The back of the card should remain blank.

Sandra will critique each verse based on many factors essential for a sale.  These include: connection of verse to the occasion, salability and physical factors (including marketability for today’s trends, variety and popularity of occasions, length, wording, placement, font readability, etc.)  In addition to specific comments for each verse, the writer will be given comments concerning the general overview of the work—its strong points, as well as where improvement could be made.

 Please note: Sandra makes no claim about the final outcome of any critiqued verse.  Her advice is based on her 23 years as a verse writer, teacher and lecturer in the field of greeting card writing.

 è  The cost for this service is $2.50 per verse.  There is no minimum number of verses the writer may send at one time; however, the maximum number of ideas per envelope is 10.  Verses over 8 lines are 35 cents a line.  Artwork accompanying verses is a separate fee—please email Sandra for a quote.  “English as a Second Language” verses are also negotiated separately—again, email Sandra for a quote.

è  A check made payable to: Sandra Miller-Louden must be included at the time the verses are sent.  Mail to:  Sandra Miller-Louden, P.O. Box 485, Grantsville, MD 21536.  (International Readers, please contact Sandra via e-mail).

è  Also,  a #10 (long, business-size) Self-Addressed, Stamped Envelope WITH FOUR FIRST CLASS STAMPS must be included for return of your verses.  Turn-around time is approximately two weeks.

è Any specific correspondence regarding this service may be directed to Sandra at the above post office box.  Please remember to include a self-addressed, stamped envelope.

 èEmail: or (Questions only; I cannot critique online, except under special circumstances).


¯¯¯Award-Winning Tip¯¯¯


My Louie Award-winning verse shows mom looking at her two sleeping children.  The verse reads:

“If only I could think of them as sleeping...

...instead of recharging!”

My Louie-nominated card shows dad with two children sadly gazing at the reader. 

“There are many reasons for you to get well soon.

Your family loves you & needs you.

  Your family is worried about you...

...Your family is totally unsupervised in the kitchen!

 Get Well Soon!”

Freelance card writing does NOT consist of tired poetry or recycled jokes.  It makes a humorous—or poignant—statement  about our lives and carries a strong me-to-you voice.


Sandra Miller-Louden¨P.O. Box 485¨

Grantsville, Maryland  21536 or



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