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Hello friends- 

For those of you who visit often, you've probably wondered: "Where's Sandra?"  You haven't heard from me in awhile in this column, although those of you who e-mail me personally, know I'm still alive and kicking.

This website is run by two women-Melanie Heit Rivellese and Sandra Miller-Louden.  That's it.  We both have families and let's face it, "life intrudes."  The downside (if there truly is one), is that the site doesn't get updated quite as often as we'd like.  That's a really small price to pay, however, for the commitment we have in providing a warm, homey place where you can visit anytime.  We've received many e-mails complimenting the site as a haven where people can go to renew and reaffirm their interest in, and love for, the written word as it is expressed in greeting cards.

So, the minor glitches, we'll live with.  Most people are happy when they find out this is a very personal site...not one run by nameless people in suits, vying for the corner office with a view.  Not that I don't have a wonderful view, sitting here in front of my computer in the converted room that was once an open porch.  Cardinals, chickadees, blue jays and of course, the persistent squirrels are just a glance away...eating the cracked corn and birdseed scattered on my patio.  Taz, my tiger strip cat, is sprawled over the top of my computer, soaking up the warmth.  The heater's on; I'm sipping a cup of hot tea, listening to my favorite station on

So, how much better can it possibly get?

Yesterday, I received a greeting card in the mail, written by a former Community College student of mine.  It's "her" on the back, cute drawing on the front.  In part, she writes:  "I wanted you to have one of the first of these cards hot off the presses!  Again, all I can say is...thank you, thank you, thank you!  It is wonderful to be getting paid for having fun."

Ah, people.  That's kind of it in a nutshell.  When you write greeting cards and when you approach it, first and foremost, as having fun, you will sell.  As I say in my books and in the classes I teach, having fun isn't the flaky criterion is seems.  It is a vital aspect in the success-or lack thereof-in selling one's writing.  There's a basic, intangible quality that shines through in words that come from the author's heart.  In greeting card writing, with its emphasis on the short, the pithy, the succinct, there's simply no room to hide, no place to fudge.  You'd better enjoy what you're writing and feel that with your words, you are truly helping others say what they are unwilling-and often, unable-to say for themselves.  Embedded in each word had better be a certain sparkle, a definite flair for fun to have those words soar above and beyond the competition.

Enjoy the site and discover the new pages we have in store for you.  Be patient, more will come and the updates will be closer together.  Melanie and I are absolutely committed to having a colorful, happy site where you're welcome anytime.


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