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Welcome Word for Word Readers!!

 When I pulled up my last Word For Word, I was shocked to see it was dated July 3, 2002. My best intentions of writing a monthly column for somehow went astray. Those of you who subscribe to the Bizymoms newsletter know I'm capable of writing a weekly column in my capacity as Vice-President, Coordinator and Online Instructor for our e-classes there. So it seems rather bizarre that I can churn out a column week after week, but somehow have trouble doing one per month.

The only excuse-and it's a lame one-is to quote that old saw: Time Flies When You're Having Fun! And besides writing greeting cards, teaching at three excellent online locations and hearing from people across the country and around the world, the fun was really capped in October, when, as many of you know, I received a call from the executive producer at NBC's The John Walsh Show. (Here's the link to The John Walsh Show episode I was featured on!)

Now some of you may associate John Walsh with hosting TV's popular America's Most Wanted. So did I. I was, therefore, somewhat puzzled when approached to make a guest appearance-I had a few overdue books at the library, true, and I recently had run a light that was more pink than yellow, but these didn't seem like adequate offenses for a stern John to say: "If you have any information regarding this woman..."

John Walsh, I was told, had a new hour-long TV show spotlighting different segments of America-positive ones as well as ones where we could stand some improvement. They were planning a segment on Moms who stayed at home to run their own business and I had been asked to participate.

Five hectic days later (including three trips to Fed Ex and a hastily-shot video by my terrific neighbor, Steve Stemberger), I got the word. I was flying into New York City to be a guest on "The John Walsh Show."

I was met at the airport and driven to the hotel. The next afternoon, I found myself sharing a limo to Rockefeller Plaza with Julie Aigner-Clark of Baby Einstein fame. That afternoon, I shared the stage with some of the most wonderful women I've ever met. You can read about them in the Archives on The show was originally aired on October 17th and again on Christmas Day. We have several photos posted on our Home Page as well. 

I started writing greeting cards in 1986 on my dining room table with my 1971 Smith Corona Selectric. At that time, had someone told me that eventually I'd be invited on national TV to talk about greeting card writing, I would have said "Yeah, right."

Well, I've pulled my tongue out of my cheek and now with a big thumbs up, I now say, "Yeah! Right!"

In other news, I have a new booklet in my NFBB series. Entitled, "I'm Takin' Names: A Writer's Guide To Mystery Shopping," this 7,700 word booklet gives you step-by-step instructions on how to get started in the "uncover world" of mystery shopping. So what exactly does mystery shopping have to do with writing greeting cards?

On the surface, not much. But scratch below the surface just a bit and words like "observant," "deadlines," "assignments," "succinct written summaries" that are common to both, link the two together. If you're someone who spends too much time in front of a computer, taking a break at the local mall, and getting paid for it, seems too good to pass up. Read more about this newest offering in Books & Stuff.

Also, my latest windfall is your unexpected gain. I received boxes of greeting cards-3-D and musical-and I'm having a fire-sale of sorts. This won't last forever and there are some stipulations, but if you're looking for some greeting cards at a more-than-reasonable price, again, check out my Books & Stuff for details.

Melanie and I are in the process of a complete update. Check back often as we're bringing you new features-including a page devoted to my online teaching sites and how to register for classes-as well as updating our tried 'n true stand-bys.

In that vein, say hello to Robin Prevade, in our Getting To Know You section. Robin has been a real life-saver for me; a former student (from just 2001), Robin has gone on to sell her verses, not only in greeting cards, but those alternate products that are so closely related to greeting card writing. When my schedule became too hectic, Robin stepped up to the plate to fill in for my "live," Community College course. I am not surprised that her first set of evaluations were glowing; her students love her and I love her. You'll be positively inspired by this lady, who is as modest as she is talented. You can also take a peek at one of Robin's verses in our In the Spotlight page.

Finally, I want to recommend a new book, just out: Cartoonists' & Illustrators' Trade Secrets by Northern Ireland's Robin Hall. The focus is on what the title says, Cartoonists and Illustrators, but there is also a section on greeting cards and I was honored to be asked by Robin to write a feature on "The Essentials of Greeting Card Writing." When someone of Charles Schulz' caliber recognizes Robin's cartooning method as "one of the best [I've] ever seen," you know that it has to be informative and innovative. Both this book and Robin's previous book, The Cartoonist's Workbook, are available through

I just realized that I've talked about two "Robins." Can this mean that spring is getting nearer?

Again, a heartfelt thanks to everyone who writes and shares with me their plans for a future that includes greeting card writing. I love hearing from all of you; Mel and I are thrilled by the fact that over 60 countries have accessed the site. Thanks to everyone for making the #1 site for greeting card writing information.





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